About Me

IMG_4674Elizabeth Danko is a Washington, D.C. based filmmaker. She is a very active in her student filmmaking, having worked on six student films as of her undergraduate junior year. Elizabeth is versatile in her film experience, having had experience in directing, filming, editing, writing and acting in student films.

Elizabeth’s film credits span from a variety of student projects. She is responsible for writing, directing and acting in Please Come Back, winning awards for Best Cinematography and Best Actress. She has also been the primary editor in Topside and Killing Time with Travis Baker. She has also acted in A Loss of Innocence. Her film experiences expands to the Creative Director of a student competition, creating various length commercials for Mazda. Elizabeth is currently writing, directing, filming and editing another student film, The Deadly Stalker.

Elizabeth also enjoys helping fellow students learn about the filmmaking process. Having served as Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of Maryland Filmmakers Club, Elizabeth has been a crucial force in the emergence and preservation of film culture on the University of Maryland’s campus. Elizabeth has taught new filmmakers filmmaking techniques and organized film festivals where student films can be showcased.

Although boasting of a versatile filmmaking background, Elizabeth prefers to film dramas, trying to push herself to use experimental film techniques and portray the subject matter in an innovative, creative light.

Elizabeth brags of an expansive film background, having watched several thousand movies. She has trained in the study of Israeli cinema, silent cinema, contemporary cinema and Italian cinema, contributing to her imaginative outlook on film.


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