Trends in the Fashion Industry

The fashion world is an ever changing universe.  It would be fitting that Public Relations in fashion would also constantly change.  In this current digital age, PR has become a digital practice.  It is only fitting that PR trends in the fashion world would also be digital.

Instagram marketing


An Instagram of a fashion blog, College Fashionista. Photo source:

Instagram is an app that has been around for five years.  It quickly gained popularity in the fashion world, because designers, models and fashionistas could showcase their style in this app.  Instagram recently unveiled a marketing feature, which could be vital for fashion companies to reach their ideal clients.

Real-time marketing

Fashion shows are a staple of the fashion world.  As little girls, every woman wants to attend Fashion Week.  What better way to promote this week celebrating the industry than real-time marketing.  With apps like Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope, designers, models and attendees can now live-tweet and video the event, giving the fashionistas unable to attend the event the ability to experience it.

Clever marketing

One of the biggest PR stunts of 2015 was the Zoolander 2 promotion at fashion week, when Ben Stiller, dressed as Derek Zoolander, took an onlookers phone to announce the return of Zoolander, as seen on Snapchat.  This stunt was a perfect example of combining relevant interests to reach the people you want to reach.  Going forward, PR needs to continue to pursue this type of marketing, because it creates consumer loyalty and generates the most press.


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