Interviewing is the key to job market

Interview is the new experience

How easy tasks can improve your job chances.

Interviews are one of the most important aspects of the job process.  Employers receive many resumes, cover letters and biographies.  The interview is a time in which employers decide who to hire and prospective employees can convince employers to hire them.

Public Relations requires many things of its students not directly taught within the major.

According to this PRSSA article, these are the top three things they look for in job candidates:

  • Research
  • Make interesting conversation
  • Be yourself

Staying informed


One of thing not taught in a classroom that is expected of Public Relations majors is news monitoring.

Although monitoring the front page is effective, subscriptions like Skimm provide an easy-to-read summary of major events.  Skimm also allows for more convenient reading being an email one could read on a phone or print out.

By staying informed, the prospective employee shows their value in the scope of today’s market.

Niches in News


By going further into depth about current events in a variety of fields, prospective employees can impress their employers even more in the interview.

One way to stay up-to-date in a variety of fields is through an RSS reader such as Feedly.  RSS readers allow for a customizable interface in which fields such as PR or business can be monitored on one screen.

By using RSS readers, prospective employees can get an in-depth understanding of certain fields and impress the employer in the interview with their extensive knowledge.


Networking to success


PR may also require prospective employees to know how to find certain individuals within a field, optimize press and searchability and monitor the success of the press campaigns.  They can do this manually or through an existing database like Cision. For a list of assets in database compilations click here.

By knowing how to navigate a database or compile a list and creating a database of contacts, prospective employees can further demonstrate their superiority and prove to be an asset to the employer in their interview.

Knowing the market is an essential part of the PR field and an essential skill that could get you the job.


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