News: More Immediate Than Ever

SEO: News: More Immediate Than Ever

Print: News Evermore Changing in Immediacy and Accuracy

News: Redefined

When reading a newspaper, one finds a collaboration of stories deemed to be the news, but what exactly qualifies these stories as news?  According to the Webster’s dictionary, news is defined as a report of a recent event.  Although this definition merits some truth, many events are not reported in the newspaper.  So the question becomes what is news worthy?

According to Writing and Reporting News, people care about news when it is timely, local, unusual, impactful, helpful, or entertaining.  Despite all of these qualities, one of the most important qualities that defines news is accuracy.  A story could have all the aforementioned qualities, but without accuracy, the story is a waste of the reporter and readers’ time.

A Country Designed for Honesty

At the heart of accuracy is freedom of speech.  America’s forefathers created a society where unbiased journalism could thrive.  The first amendment is vital to creating a society in which information can be exchanged freely with the means to research any information found within the news.  This opportunity to access unbiased information perpetuates the most essential quality of news.

Reader’s Role: Fact Checking

At first glance news articles may seem similar to one another in their content, but each article has certain characteristics that can assist a reader in finding its accuracy.  Articles with many sources, for example, tend to be more reliable, because the journalist has fact checked the information against many sources.  Articles from newspapers that are well-known and regularly cited generally have more credibility than a lesser known paper.  Nevertheless, to truly test if an article is trustworthy one should check the facts for oneself.

We Want It Now

The internet has caused journalist and PR specialists to reinvent how they report news.  The way in which we report news has changed to be more immediate.  The internet has also changed the style in which we report news.  Stories tend to be more concise, catering to a crowd skimming articles for information.


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